Notion Home Awareness

Notion Home Awareness for iOS
Android app Coming soon…

Notion gives you peace of mind by keeping you remotely connected to your home on your phone and providing you complete insight into what worries you about your home, anywhere.

Protect your home from water leaks, fires, and break-ins while you’re not there.

Notion’s all-in-one sensor monitors your home while you’re away and sends alerts to your phone if anything is wrong.

We’ve got your entire home covered!

  • Doors opening (hinged, sliding, garage)
  • Windows opening
  • Smoke alarms sounding
  • Water leaks
  • Temperature change

Technical Features:

  • Wifi Direct Programming Integration
  • Core Data Integration
  • Web API Integration
  • Advanced User Interaction Elements
  • Advanced Physics Based UI Components
  • Push notifications
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