Parenting opens you to a whole new language. Our keyboard helps you speak it.

The EmojiMom app gives you access to 400+ mom-themed emoji, including pregnancy emoji, adoption and birth emoji, baby emoji and toddler emoji. New emoji are being added all the time, so install now to help share your parenting journey.

Key features:

  • Smart, funny emoji for pregnancy, arrival, baby and toddlerhood
  • High-resolution images optimized for various texting and social apps
  • Send emoji directly from the app or install EmojiMom as a third-party keyboard for even-more-seamless sharing
  • Works in text conversations, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more!

A note on privacy and allowing keyboard access: We take our users’ privacy very seriously. If you choose to install EmojiMom as a keyboard, you need to allow keyboard access. This is something Android requires of third-party keyboards like ours. You are allowing EmojiMom to put an emoji you copy onto your clipboard, and then paste it from the clipboard into a text field. That’s it–really. We will never, ever capture any of your other information, including anything you type on any network. However, if you do not wish to grant keyboard access, simply opt not to install the EmojiMom keyboard, and send emoji directly from the EmojiMom app instead.

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