It’s been a great pleasure to work with Mike, Eric, and the team at SDP digital. I would highly recommend them for other organizations or start-ups looking for tight team integration, high quality output and just a great bunch of people to work with.

SDP’s problem solving process was very much tied into our own. We had weekly and daily conversations with them, both live calls and online tool usage. They integrated their development into our existing process flows and tools in a very effective way.

Building Bloom has been a complex process including many moving parts, both hardware and software. Mike, Eric, and the team at SDP digital worked very closely with all members of our team. Pulling together disparate threads of software along with iterations in our hardware platform. They were very effective as team members and working with us.

We had a very good working relationship with SDP digital. They came into our development process when we had already been working with another development shop and it wasn’t going well. They dug in immediately and helped us to clean up the development approach and the code, and we’ve been very clean since.